The future of wind power condition monitoring

Spectris Advance brings better data insights to your wind turbine operations, enabling you to make better decisions.





We support wind power operators wanting a holistic approach to integrating their systems with flexible digital solutions – and be supported by market-leading industry expertise and deep application knowledge.

We offer a wide range of digital and hardware options that address the operational needs of turbine and tower.

Solutions include:

Independent monitoring of turbines across the wind farm

A complete solution for independent wind turbine monitoring, our data acquisition unit (DDAU) hardware is connected to sensors on the drive train and tower and detects faults with the bearings, couplings, generator, gearbox, blades, rotor or yaw system. Costly park IT maintenance is avoided as DDAU communicates directly with a remote data server.

Advanced condition monitoring and analytics for turbine gearboxes

Our combined alarm management and diagnostic software, easily customised to the end-user’s needs and capabilities, delivers a high degree of scalability for monitoring all types of wind turbines and park sizes under varying operating conditions. Completely client-owned, it enables all customers to host, process and analyse data in-house.

Instant access to real-time wind turbine data

Real-time data analytics software enables data integration of SCADA and Control Systems – capturing, aggregating and visualising plant wind turbine data. It empowers operators with instant access to data needed to optimise turbine operations and effortlessly troubleshoot processes.

Real-time optical monitoring for wind blade systems

A combined sensors and data acquisition solution for real-time wind generator blade monitoring – designed to integrate into in a wide array of applications including pitch control, condition monitoring, load assessment and ice detection, and simple to upstream to a range of customer systems.

How Spectris Advance helps you

Together, we can explore the unique challenges faced when managing wind assets. As experts in wind turbine monitoring applications, Spectris Advance Wind Power will deliver the digitally-driven solutions to solve your operational issues.

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