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Spectris Advance Thermal Power brings the power generation monitoring solutions that to help you hit the targets that matter.





We partner with power plant operators wanting a holistic approach to integrating their systems through a flexible digital architecture – and be supported by the market-leading industry expertise and deep application knowledge we provide.

We offer unified digital solutions that address your process and operational needs.

Solutions include:

Increase efficiency while reducing emissions

Our real-time data analytics solutions and data-driven software tools transform plant operations. Get measurable performance gains through advanced process control optimisation, more accurate troubleshooting and improved operational insights.

Complete monitoring systems for combustion, post-combustion and emissions gases

Ensure total compliance with local regulations through comprehensive gas monitoring solutions for stack emissions and ammonia slip DeNOx processes – while automated solutions for coal-burning plants transform combustion efficiency, reducing NOx emissions and saving fuel.

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Fired boilers

Advanced condition monitoring ensuring turbo-generator system uptime

String testing of all the machine components assembled together as an entire unit is critical to ensure operational integrity, and under load if possible. Our condition monitoring system monitors all important machine train vibration parameters, reporting potential failure modes and establishing baselines for future monitoring purposes.

Upgraded machine protection system includes condition monitoring without a server

It would have been an expensive proposition to upgrade the obsolete machine protection system for the combined cycle plant machines and add condition monitoring to it. Instead, the legacy system was replaced by one with modern technology that sends data to the existing data historian for cost-effective condition monitoring capability.

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Replacing an obsolete legacy system

How Spectris Advance helps you

Together, we can meet the unique challenges facing your operations. As experts in power generation applications, Spectris Advance Thermal Power will deliver the solutions that solve your process issues.

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