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Our data-driven software transforms process optimisation for tissue, board, paper and pulping processes, backed by world-leading hardware manufacturing solutions.





We support manufacturers searching for a holistic approach to integrating their systems and services within a flexible digital capability – and supported by our market-leading industry expertise and deep application knowledge.

We deliver unified technology systems that support your process and operational needs.

Solutions include:

Transforming paper yield with advanced process control tools

Our advanced software enables advanced process control for your plant through multivariable predictive modelling and control loop tuning and monitoring, bringing significant gains in productivity and yield while reducing costs.

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Increasing Kappa Number and Pulp Yield

Optimising pulping operations through detailed data analytics

Advanced data historian and real-time data analytics solutions capture, aggregate and visualise plant process data, empowering operators with instant access to data needed to optimise unit operations and effortlessly troubleshoot processes.

Systematic mill upgrades using our total manufacturing solution

Our data solutions are matched by production hardware optimised for tissue, board, paper and pulping processes, from the wet end and the lab to coating and creping applications. Products include:

– Inline instrumentation
– Lab instrumentation
– Metering blades and rods
– Doctoring blades and blade holders

Monitoring required for upgraded paper machine

It was suspected that increasing the speed of the aging paper machine to increase production would also stress components, so a decision was made to implement our monitoring solution in parallel. It proved to be the right decision, because after a little more than a year, a number of machine faults were detected early enough by our system to schedule repairs during planned shutdowns.

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The machine upgrade monitoring solution

Successful monitoring of paper machine for two decades

The original intention for installing our condition monitoring system was to carefully monitor the 500 roll bearings on the aging paper machine before they reached the end of their useful life. That was back in 1999 and the monitoring system has been successfully used since then to detect a number of potential failure modes.

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20 years of successful monitoring

How Spectris Advance helps you

We understand every operator faces unique challenges. That’s why, as experts in your industry, Spectris Advance Pulp and Paper is able solve your issues with with digital solutions focused on meeting your exactly process and operational needs.

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