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Smart technologies help mining operators increase the value of existing assets. Monitoring and analytics solutions deliver a big impact by maximising production, reducing cost and ensuring safety.





Spectris Advance Mining brings better data insights to mining operations through a best in class range of monitoring and optimisation solutions – empowering smarter planning and operational decisions for mine and mill operations.

Our mining solutions span a broad range of monitoring and optimisation hardware, software, analytics and expertise.

Solutions include:

Delivering predictive insights into mine rock health and ground support needs

We’ve been bringing real-time micro-seismic and civil monitoring capabilities to bear across mine and mine assets for 25 years:

– Real-time monitoring and advanced analytics of underground rock mass behaviour inform mine planning and scheduling, help operators access new deposits, reduce ground support costs and minimise safety risks.
– Detailed civil and structural health sensor and monitoring systems, configurable to an extensive range of environments and conditions.

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Geotechnical Analysis

Predicting and maximising fixed asset and fleet performance and reliability

Reduce downtime, increase availability and improve yield with flexible, insightful condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions for key asset types. For 35 years we’ve provided:

– Reliability and maintainability analysis and prediction for process equipment.
– Sensors and real-time condition monitoring services for rotating equipment.
– Monitoring and predictive maintenance for mobile fleets.

Enabling and enhancing real-time milling process plant monitoring and optimisation

Advanced data integration and visualisation software tools help mills get accurate visual representations of current operating conditions across the entire mill. Our industry-leading data historian and visualisation tools have been used by operations staff and management alike for the past 20 years.

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Better Data Management

Informing responsible decisions through insightful environmental and noise monitoring

You can optimise production and improve community relations while keeping within noise, vibration, dust and air quality limits. For 30 years our systems have enabled continuous measurement and access to environmental data – understanding your environmental profile promotes better-informed decisions and operation at optimal capacity.

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Reducing Noise Impact

How Spectris Advance helps you

Every mining operator faces unique challenges. With our combination of expertise in mining and deep applications knowledge, Spectris Advance Mining is uniquely positioned to provide digital solutions focused on meeting the monitoring and optimisation needs that are precisely yours.

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