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From midstream refining to downstream processing, Spectris Advance Hydrocarbon Processing brings new insights to managing oil and gas operations.





We support HPI operators exploring a holistic approach to integrating systems and optimising processes through flexible digital solutions – solutions that are underpinned by our market-leading industry expertise and deep application knowledge.

We deliver flexible technology solutions that address the precise needs of your operations and processes.

Solutions include:

Optimising site performance through advanced process control

Our data-driven process control software gives measurable performance gains across refinery process units and midstream sites. Process optimisation is achieved through multivariable predictive modelling, control loop tuning and monitoring – bringing significant gains in productivity, yield and cost reduction.

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Refinery crude unit APC

Informing better plant decisions with data analytics

Across your plant, advanced data historian and real-time data analytics solutions capture, aggregate and visualise plant process data – giving the vital decision support needed to optimise unit operations and enable detailed troubleshooting.

Transform process performance using leading-edge gas analytics

Our gas analytics monitoring solutions bring measurable gains across all major downstream hydrocarbon processing applications. Benefits include:

– Efficient combustion control
– Compliance through emissions monitoring
– Optimised process control
– Enhanced process safety
– Consistent product quality

All supported by extensive communication options to enable remote monitoring and reporting.

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Controlling Combustion

How Spectris Advance helps you

Together, we can solve the unique process challenges that face every plant. As experts in your industry, Spectris Advance Hydrocarbon Processing will find the digital solutions that will address your precise process issues.

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