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Spectris Advance Hydro Power brings better data insights to hydroelectric power generation operations – so you can make better decisions.





We work with hydroelectric operators looking for a holistic approach to integrating systems and services through a flexible digital architecture – all supported by market-leading industry expertise and deep application knowledge.

We offer unified technology solutions that address the key process and operational demands of hydroelectric power operators.

Solutions include:

Comprehensive monitoring for hydro turbine protection

An advanced vibration monitoring solution monitors the mechanics and bearings of the turbine for stator, shaft/bearing and turbine faults, as well as offering monitoring for turbine runner/blade and wicket gate problems – all monitored through a flexible, fast and reliable data acquisition platform.

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Predictive Maintenance Management

Total machine optimisation to all load conditions

Our automated and scalable protection and condition monitoring systems accurately assess machine states under all conditions – a comprehensive integration of sensing, reporting and analysis ensuring your turbine is ready to react to grid demand.

Full monitoring of relevant turbine parameters

The protection of turbines is critical, especially units that are subject to multiple starts and stops. Our comprehensive monitoring solution can integrate air gap, magnetic flux, and partial discharge analysis measurements. This ensures that stator bar/core vibration effects, air gap abnormalities, rotor/stator out-of-roundness and loose/shorted stator bars are constantly evaluated to maximise performance and prevent failure.

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Integrated HPP station monitoring

How Spectris Advance helps you

Every hydroelectric plant faces unique challenges. As experts in your industry and applications, Spectris Advance Hydro Power can solve your issues with digital solutions custom-designed to address your operational and process issues.

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