About us

Welcome to Spectris Advance: the leading-edge provider of digital monitoring and optimisation solutions for industrial operations. Through advanced asset and process monitoring and optimisation, we deliver expert data-driven insights that empower users to make smarter decisions for their people, equipment and processes.

Spectris Advance is the digital solutions brand of Spectris, a leading supplier of productivity-enhancing instrumentation and controls. Spectris is renowned for products and services that help customers work better, faster and more efficiently.

Spectris’ businesses are all leaders in the markets they serve, with recognised brands and award-winning products. Capabilities range from conditioning monitoring of rotating machines, gas analysis of combustion processes and micro-seismic monitoring of mines. Together the Spectris businesses provide a comprehensive range of best-of-breed sensing capability, asset-agnostic connectivity and advanced analytics solutions, coupled with rich domain knowledge. Spectris Advance brings these capabilities together in a unified offer that leverages the power of the Industrial Internet of Things while targeting the specific needs of each customer application.

Spectris operates today in the full range of industrial end-markets, from upstream oil, mining and hydrocarbon processing through to infrastructure and smart cities. Our Spectris Advance solutions are applicable to all our industrial markets, addressing the most challenging industrial optimisation problems.

Offering almost limitless flexibility, Spectris Advance allows you to dramatically enhance your industrial productivity through the latest digital solutions – start your journey with us today.